Whisper begins by offering 6 different bars staffed by the city’s top mixologists. With an eclectic variety of Vodkas, Gins, Rums, Tequila and Cognacs, Whisper will have a flavor for every palate. Whisper also features a vast selection of champagnes for our exclusive bottle service, including magnums, 3 liter “Jeroboams” and our 6 liter “Methuselah”.

Whisper has converted its 12,000 sq/ft facility into a rare party palace. With two elevated VIP areas that overlook the dance floor and the exclusive bottle service areas on the lower level, you will always be a part of the party yet have a more intimate vibe for you and your guests.

Whisper is a private social club which means we operate for the “benefit of it’s members”. Operating as a private social club allows Whisper certain privileges for its members that the average regular venue may lack, and Whisper operates until 3:00am. Membership applications are only taken in-person.

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