Vancouver New Years Eve 2014 Events with Bottle Service -

Vancouver NYE 2014 Events with Bottle Service

New Years Eve 2014 Bottle Service Vancouver BC
New Years Eve 2014 Bottle Service options in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

So you have money to burn... and you want bottle service for New Year's Eve in Vancouver? That's cool. Whether you are rolling in cash, or rolling with the people who are rolling in cash, or whether you stole your parents credit card and just want people to think you are rolling in cash, we won't judge! We are here to give you the best options so that your New Year's Eve in Vancouver is as much fun as possible. 

If you are new to bottle service, here's the dr
ill  you pay a little bit more per drink (usually around $200-$350 per bottle) and in return you don't have to wait in the line-ups at the bar (which can be very long on busy days like NYE!). Most mix drinks like juice & pop are free, but you usually have to pay extra for Red Bull or shots of Jäger. You also get a designated seating area, depending on how many bottles you commit to. Typically around 3-4 person area per bottle that you pre-commit to. Keep in mind that bottle service on New Year's is typically a little bit different than most days of the year... so expect things to be a little bit slower. That being said, if you can afford it, it is much nicer to have your own designated table area where the drinks are brought to you and your entourage. 

Some Vancouver events include complimentary bottles with your VIP ticket purchase, others you'll need to order & pay when you arrive, so read the details of each ticket type closely. For some, bottle service may be limited to just bottles of champagne as well 
 it all depends on the event and the licensing restrictions they have. There are also some really silly laws here where you can have the bottle near your table but you aren't allowed to touch it (servers have to pour it). As long as your expectations are straight and you aren't one of those rich bastards who expect Vegas type service everywhere you go, bottle service in Vancouver is a big step up from the bar line-ups especially on New Years!

And remember folks, gratuity is automatically added to your bill! The best mistake that bartenders love is when rich folks get wasted and can't read, then tip 20% on top of a $2000 bottle service bill that has auto grat.

Have a Happy New Year's Eve while those other people wait in bar line ups!

The Shangri-la NYE Gala 2015

The Shangri-la NYE Gala 2015

The Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver
1137 Alberni Street, Vancouver BC

THE 5th ANNUAL SHANGRI-LA NYE GALA 2014 Wednesday, December 31st - New Years Eve Doors open at 8PM and go till 2AM! 25+ venue 2 pieces of ID required for entry The Ultimate New Years Eve Experience. Come join us at one of downtown Vancouvers finest grand 5 star luxury hotels, the world famous Shangri-la hotel. Having the title of the tallest b...[more]

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