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clubZone talks to Morgan Page

The hotly sought after producer/remixer Morgan Page  was kind enough to sit down with clubZone recently. What did he have to say?

Let’s talk a little bit about your new single ‘Fight for you’. What was the idea behind it?

Fight for You is a song about a defending your territory and navigating around jealously.

The 'Longest Road' (Deadmau5 remix) was nominated for a Grammy. How did that feel? What did that mean to you?

It's great to have the song get nominated -- it provided more exposure and helped more people discover the music. It's funny though because people are still just now discovering it.

You just finished a couple of huge club shows at Vanguard and Code. I know you have 2 more upcoming shows but any more plans of touring beyond that?

I'm playing a bunch of N. American dates - Calgary, St. Louis, Dallas, Denver -- and then I'll be touring heavily to promote the album release early next year.
Speaking of the new album release, what do we have to look forward to?

This album has so many "single-worthy" tracks; it was hard to pick one to start with! it has a lot of collaborations - Angela McLusky from Telepopmuzik, Samantha James, and some very familiar voices from other records. I'm even singing on one track!
You have over 100 remixes to date – including at least 5 Billboard #1 remixes. With everyone from Madonna to Katy Perry to Stevie Nicks, how do you approach each song?

..And we just got the sixth, with La Roux!!  (Congrats!)
The approach is different for every remix. I change my sound on every mix and use a different kick drum and percussion set for each one. I just follow my instincts and try to complement the original song, while taking it someplace new.
Going back in history a bit – you had a weekly stint on a local radio show when you were still in high school. How did that prepare you for the future?

Doing radio helped with appreciating different genres of music, and developing a good ear for finding great music. It's important to be a filter, and help champion music. It takes a lot to stand out these days.
What advice do you have for aspiring DJs?

Study your idols, work for free (at first), and be original. Don't make derivative music, and don't ever give up!

Who would you most want to talk to? Dead or alive?

Daft Punk
X-Ray vision or flying - what superpower would you choose and why?

Flying, no question. So I don't have to get squashed into airplanes anymore.

To learn more about Morgan Page, check out his website at:

- Author: priscilla 


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