Unique Couples Costumes

So you couldn't convince her to be a slutty cheerleader and she couldn't convince you to be a ballroom dancer? Here are some creative couples costumes that make everyone happy.

Does the carpet match the drapes? The beauty of being in a relationship - you get to find out!

Matador and Bull
She wears the pants. He's all bull.

Miss. Pac Man & Ghost
A good excuse for him to avoid her all night.

Ridiculous Over-Sexed Tuxedo Couple
Found this while looking up costumes, we don't encourage this costume, we just find this photo hillarious.

Naughty Priest & Nun
It's the most covered up slutty costume on the market.

Popeye & Olive
We don't remember Olive looking this hot...

Bowling Ball & Pin
No need to suck it in, in this costume!

Key Hole & Key
He looks way to happy... if only the key was made to fit the actual contents.

Guys - don't lie. You've always felt a tad ashamed that the green M&M turns you on.

This costume lights up to the beat of the music!

Now grab your significant other and rock your couples costume to
one of these Halloween parties!

- Author: clubZone 


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