clubZone Interviews The Shapeshifters
Posted at: 7/20/2011 Author: Whitney Krutzfeldt
Check out what Max Reich had to say to clubZone about their latest album for Nikki Beach, their upcoming tour and his favorite DJ – who do you think that is?!
clubZone Interview Manufactured Superstars
Posted at: 6/27/2011 Author: Whitney Krutzfeldt
Matching Nasa space suits. Check. Black rimmed glasses. Check. Scantily Clad hot girls crawling around in animal masks..... check! Manufactured Superstars check list is reason enough to love them - we just found out they listen to Barry Manilow and party like rock stars in Vegas all year long... now we love them even more.
clubZone Interview DJ Rubix
Posted at: 5/24/2011 Author: Whitney Krutzfeldt
Girls love DJs or so DJ Rubix says! His blonde locks, his catchy 70's beats and the support of some big names in the DJ world make this one up-and-comer to watch.
clubZone Interviews Richard Durand
Posted at: 4/19/2011 Author: Whitney Krutzfeldt
clubZone chats with Richard Durand about in Search of Sunrise, his own tip for the top in 2011, his favorite DJ and more!
clubzone Interviews Hardwell
Posted at: 4/7/2011 Author: Whitney Krutzfeldt
What does Hardwell have to say about touring with Tiesto, his upcoming hit Encoded and the most embarrassing songs on his ipod?
clubZone Interviews Nicky Romero
Posted at: 3/15/2011 Author: Whitney Krutzfeldt
Check out what Nicky Romero has to say the "Stabby" sound he looks for in his tracks, upcoming remixes with Kelly Rowland and Flo Rida and his favorite Justin Bieber song!
clubZone Interviews George Acosta
Posted at: 3/8/2011 Author: Whitney Krutzfeldt
Check out what George Acosta has to say about his new album and its sick vocal tracks, the most embarrassing song on his ipod and more!
clubZone Interviews Marco V
Posted at: 3/1/2011 Author: Whitney Krutzfeldt
Check out what Marco V has to say to clubZone about his huge successes (which he is quite modest about), The Art of Being... Marco V, and all that we have to look forward to from this amazing electronic super star.
Toby Emerson Talks Deadmau5, New Singles and Model Filled Hot Tubs!
Posted at: 2/15/2011 Author: Whitney Krutzfeldt
Toby Emerson talks to clubZone about the best advice Deadmau5 ever gave him, his unique sound and all the good stuff on his rider... hot tubs and models anyone?
Grammy Nominated Artist Morgan Page talks to clubZone
Posted at: 2/7/2011 Author: Whitney Krutzfeldt
Morgan Page talks to clubZone about his recent Grammy nod, inspiration for his new album, and the craziest artist he's ever played with... who do you think that is?!
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