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We recently got the chance to talk to the always popular DJ Dan, the man with thousands of gigs under his belt and a number of highly acclaimed productions.  The "people's DJ" is back with some fresh material for the dancefloor with new releases Chop Shop, and Operator (a hot little number featuring Blake Lewis).  Official press releases can be found HERE, but for more insight into what keeps DJ Dan ticking, adn a sneak preview of the tracks take a look below....

Tell us about your new EP. Everything and anything?

Its called Dj Dan presents Evolution 3. The first track is Called Chopshop.  Its an electro fueled funk bomb and the other single is a cover of Midnight Star's 80's classic "Operator". I did it with a new modern twist and worked on it with legendary producer Uberzone. I chose Blake Lewis from American Idol to do the vocals because of his passion for 80's freestyle pop. The collaboration is truly magical and I am so excited for everyone to finally hear it.

Your new EP is called DJ Dan Presents Future Retro: Evolution 3. What is future retro?

I decided that for my first artist album I would pay tribute to some of the original artists and tunes that inspired me growing up. Half the album are covers of some of my favorite tracks that made me fall in love with dance music and the other half are new originals tracks that I have compiled just for this project.

What was it like working with Idol-er Blake Lewis?

Blake is an amazing guy. I've known him even before he was on American idol. We used to laugh about it when he was accepted on the show and I was so happy when he did so well. He is from my home town Seattle and that is where we first met. The collaboration was perfect because I could always hear him singing the song and he really nailed it.

You mix together so many different sounds including electro, hip-hop and dub step. How much experimenting do you have to go through before you finally say, ‘that’s it!’

For me its a matter of what sounds good. I just like to mix it up and its all about what the crowd is going for and what I am digging at that time. I just want
to keep it fun and interesting and not restrict myself by labels or genre titles.

Chop Shop is said to showcase your vision for the future of music. What vision is that exactly?

It's a representation of my breaks background as well as the heavier bass influences I am currently playing. It's been one of my strongest tracks when I play out recently.

What made you want to get into electronic music? Is it what you listened to growing up?

Yes, I was very fortunate to grow up with a family thy loved disco and funk. Rick James, James Brown and Chic were my biggest inspirations growing up.

You are performing at WMC. The energy must be insane there!  What is your favorite part of the conference?

Mainly I love going to reconnect with all friends from all over the globe. It's nice to have all my friends, djs, promoters and fans in one place for the week. Not to mention it's so great to hear so much new music.

You have been dubbed ‘The People’s DJ’ by some. What does that mean to you?

I have always been very conscious of the people who support me. If it wasn't for them I would not have a career. I love to her what they have to say about the musical journeys I have taken them on over the years.

You have performed around the world with upcoming dates across the USA and in Taiwan. What do you think it is about your music that translates across so many diverse places?

At the end of the day I just want to make people happy with my music. I love playing high energy funky music and I think that transcends all barriers. I think people can feel that from my sets no matter where I am playing.

Anything else you want to tell us?

Just that I am very aware that I am blessed to be doing this and I truly thank everyone for supporting me and sticking with me through my career.  An open mind is what will keep house music evolving and I feel very fortunate to be supported by people that allow me to do so.

DJ Dan & Uberzone - Operator ft. Blake Lewis (DJ Dan & Mike Balance Disco Funk Remix)


DJ Dan - Chop Shop (Hot Mouth Remix)

- Author: Cory_J 


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