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DJ/Producer/Co-Founder of Flamingo Records, Funkerman, chatted with clubZone to reveal his plans for WMC, his album and upcoming contest to find undiscovered producer talent. Known for such club hits as 'Rule the Night' and 'The One', Funkerman, never stops being innovative with his music.

1.       You are conducting a contest to find the ‘freshest producers around’. What exactly are you looking for?


I am on the look for new talent and new sounds. But I’m also trying to have a real correspondence between different producers. I noticed that the young producers have a lot to say in my previous contest and I like to encourage that.


2.       Is the only thing that matters musical/creative talent? Or are you looking for a certain look and persona as well?


Music is the only thing for me!

We don’t ask them to send pictures or anything, we’re not trying to be the next Idols hahaha. We’re looking for some new fresh and talented producers.


3.       What do you believe the industry is lacking that you are trying to find through this contest?


It is lacking original content right now. It’s not strange, because of the way the music industry evolves now. Only the stage experience is making money and the people who actually produce the music (notice that it’s not always the same person) are being ripped off by the illegal downloading culture. That’s why we’ve really tried to make it an interesting contest. It doesn’t cost the producer anything more than time and enthusiasm.


4.       Why did you choose ‘Now or Never’ to be the foundation vocals for this contest?


I thought it would be nice to do vocals which actually have meaning that relate to the contest. The contestants can choose by themselves how much of the provided lyrics they want to use and how. It’s really up to them.


5.       Do you have any advice for hopeful contest winners?


Don’t let anything kill the pleasure!


6.       What would you have done if you were given an opportunity like this when you were starting out?

When I started times were completely different. A good DJ was defined by how well he knew the manager of the record store. And buying equipment was really too expensive. In that time internet was a strange word. Nowadays you can find so much information and music on the internet and have lots of programs you can work with.

So in short, when I started out producers and dj’s could only dream of these kinds of opportunities.


7.       After this contest, what plans do you have for the near future?

I just finished my first artist album “House For All” which will be released from April. The first single is a new dance floor track called Unconditional Love featuring Ida Corr


8.       You created this contest after the overwhelming success of the Automatic Remix Contest. How have the winners of that contest been doing?


Great! They got a lot exposure on the internet as well as in their own country. For them this was a great experience to get their career started or to put it to the next level and that is what we want to achieve with this contest.


9.       What should fans be expecting from your new album House For All?

Something that sounds unique and different from other house music nowadays. I really tried to be as creative as possible and not let myself be influenced by the market. I've experimented a lot with other music styles like Hip-Hop, Pop and Rock Music.


10.    What track are you most proud of on ‘House for All’?

That would be the same as asking a standup comedian, what joke is your favorite one, while he is proud of his whole show. I made this album as a whole. I really had a specific idea about what I wanted to do with this album without following the mainstream. So I’m very proud about the finished product.


11.    You are playing at the upcoming WMC. That must be crazy! What’s your favorite thing about WMC?

To be honest. The weather! J


12.     Do you feel any pressure performing at WMC with so many fellow artists and DJs?

I feel pressure with every performance I do. As long as pressure challenges you to do something better instead of lead to stress everything’s fine.


13.    Is there any show at the WMC that you are dying to check out?

Ultra Music Festival is one of the main events for me, besides the variety   of parties WMC has to offer, this festival features so many great artists.
And I’m very proud playing for the first time at the Ultra Music Festival this year.


14.    Anything else we need to know?

Nope I guess this is it hahaha
Keep your eyes and ears open around my new upcoming album and the Now or Never producers contest.


            See you guys at WMC!

- Author: Kayleigh L 


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