Halloween Night Dares
Sure, the game of dares may take you back to your childhood but doesn't dressing up in costume and making a fool of yourself do that as well? Here are some fun challenges for you and your crew to try out. Plus they're a unique way to break the ice with someone!
  • Take a photo with 3 people wearing the exact same costume (pirates, sailors and cops are usually plentiful).
  • Legitimately scare someone by jumping out at them as they exit the bathroom.
  • Get at least 3 people to do the Thriller dance with you.
  • Use only the line ‘Trick or Treat!’ to get someone to buy you a drink.
  • Take 2 minutes - everyone try to snap a picture with someone wearing a hilarious costume. Whoever is the funniest wins.
  • Find someone wearing a super slutty costume and tell them they look way too conservative for a Halloween party.
  • Convince the DJ to play Monster Mash start to finish.
  • Give someone this fake number - 413-497-0074, it’s a fake hotline that helps you identify the differences between fake and real monsters so you don't accidently murder your neighbour with the defence 'I thought it was a real vampire!'
  • Go to the bathroom, wrap yourself in toilet paper and tell everyone how you worked tirelessly for 6 months in your garage creating a life like Mummy costume.

Add a wager of a few drinks for whoever can tick the most dares of the list! Still don’t know where you’re going for Halloween? Check out these awesome Halloween parties in your city!

- Author: clubZone 


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