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Grammy Nominated Artist Morgan Page talks to clubZone

With over 110 remixes to his name—including tracks by Madonna (“Miles Away”), Katy Perry (“I KissedA Girl”), Tegan & Sara (“Back In Your Head”), and La Roux (“Bulletproof”)—Morgan Page has earned a solid reputation for transferring insatiable pop energy to the dance floor in the form of banging, progressive house tracks. High ranking spots on iTunes’ dance chart, Beatport’s progressive chart, and Billboard’s club charts affirmed his salability, while an ’09 Grammy nomination for Deadmau5’s remix of Page’s “The Longest Road” simultaneously bolstered his underground cred while spotlighting his skills as a songwriter. Check out what Morgan Page has to say about his second Grammy nod, his inspiration for his new album, and the craziest artist he's ever played with... who do you think that is?!

First off, congratulations on your Grammy nomination! You're nominated for Best Remix (Non Classical Recording) for your remix of Nadia Ali's track "Fantasy". That's huge, how did you celebrate?

I rounded up some friends and we went to The Edison bar in downtown LA - such a cool spot.

What do you think about that track specifically that caught the attention of so many people?

It was a bit of a sleeper hit - it never came out on a major record label or got a big push. People love Nadia's voice and are familiar with my remixes over the years, so I think it was just a good match and the timing was right.

You’ve remixed a lot of really big artist. What do you look for in a song or artist that you’re working with?

With remixes, there's got to be something to sink my teeth into. A good hook, a chord progression. I always to try take the original to another level and give it a new life. With collaborations I'm looking for raw talent and songwriting skills - a unique singer that does not sound like everyone else. It blows my mind that people continue to cast "copy cat" singers on songs. I just tune those things out immediately.

There are a lot of beautiful vocals in your music. Do you think that this broadens your audience? What do you think it adds to each track?

It broadens and also polarizes things. Europe is too cool for a lot of vocals, but the U.S. demands them. The right song will connect with everyone at some level, but all the elements need to work together. Good lyrics add a deeper layer of meaning to a track, taking it beyond a simple melodic hook - so it's worth the hard work to make it happen.

If you had to describe the perfect setting for your music what would it be? How do you want people to feel when they put on a Morgan Page track?

The perfect setting is any situation where all the elements of a great club experience come together: quality people, beautiful lighting and stages, a great soundsystem, and of course - a DJ that knows how to excite and entertain the crowd. Personally I like exotic locales, so any gig that is a fun destination city is great to play. 

Where do you get your inspiration? Do you have a set process that you take when creating new tracks and developing the feel of the album?

I'm inspired by other music and by travel. You're in the vacuum of the studio all day and it's important to get outside and break your routine. Even bad music inspires me - I listen closely and try to figure out why it isn't working for me.

You’re really active on your Facebook and Twitter pages, have you ever got any crazy fans reaching out to you?

Once in a while you get some strange people, or weird criticism - but most fans know their stuff and continually impress me with their knowledge of music. I make a point to play requests from fans at shows. Someone will shove their iphone in your face w/ a request and it can change the musical course of a night - it's a really interesting dynamic.

You’ve recently posted about your upcoming album saying, “…these songs are built like tanks! Should hopefully have the first single out this spring” Built like tanks, I love it! Anything else you can tell us about the new album?

The new album will feature Angela McCluskey (Telepopmuzik), Nadia Ali, Tegan & Sara, and tons of other exciting new voices. It's a more aggressive direction and a different sound than Believe - the last album. This release will be more fun and driving, and less melancholy than usual.

What else do we have to look forward to from Morgan Page?

Continued weekly podcasts, my daily production tips on twitter (#MPQuickTips), a mix CD later in 2011, and lots of new remixes in the works. 


What's your favorite club to play?
Beta, Denver 

Who is the craziest artist to play a show with?
Moby really gets into it. I played a festival with him and he was jumping around like crazy - I never would have expected that from him! 

You're on the road a lot. What's your favorite time of year to be at home? 
Probably summer. I try to hit the beach occasionally 

Track you're most proud of?
The Longest Road 

Favorite DJ?
Not sure if I have a favorite, but I love Swedish House Mafia

Favorite Band?
I really like Florence & The Machine, and The Temper Trap 

Do you have any superstitions or lucky charms? 
I leave all the hotel room lights on before I leave for a show. Bizarre and wasteful ;) 

What's on your rider? 
Grey Goose and Red Bull 

- Author: Whitney Krutzfeldt 


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