Thirty Fun Costume Suggestions: 1- 11

Check out these 30 Halloween Costume suggestions perfect for strutting around at a Halloween party you find at!

Lady Gaga: Carnivore Version

Get the look: A dress made of meat.
Must-have accessory: Bug spray. Within a few hours, flies will be buzzing all over you.
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Lady Gaga: Vegetarian Version

Get the look: Don't wear pants. That is all.
Must-have accessories: OK, we lied. A platinum blond wig, oversized sunglasses and tights might be good additions. We wouldn't want to be responsible for any public indecency violations.
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Get the look: White gloves, jeans, red t-shirt, boundless enthusiasm.
Must-have accessory: Razzle dazzle. If you're going to dress like a Glee kid, we expect you to deliver on our endless requests for "Don't Stop Believing" at your Halloween party.
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Lisbeth Salander

Get the look: Short, black wig; black eyeliner; lots and lots of leather.
Must-have accessory: An unquenchable thirst for vengeance.
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Lindsay Lohan

Get the look: An orange jumpsuit, a SCRAM bracelet.
Must-have accessory: A cellphone, in which you're constantly posting Twitter updates such as "OMG!1! Rehab is like totes boring!"
Alternative: Dress as a ghost, carry around a Labour Pains DVD, and tell everyone you're dressed as Lindsay Lohan's career.
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The Beibs

Get the Look: Bieber bob, purple hoodie, cool sneaks.
Must-have accessory: A laser tag vest.
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Joaquin Phoenix - Crazy Version

Get the look: Sunglasses, beard of Biblical proportions, microphone (for freestyling).
Must-have accessory: A documentary filmcrew, led by Casey Affleck.
Alternate costume: Strap a baby to your chest and you're The Hangover's Zach Galifianakis!
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Katy Perry

Get the look: Black wig, cleavage-baring dress.
Must-have accessory: An Elmo doll. Bonus points if you pretend it's motor-boating you periodically throughout the evening.
Photo by: Sesame Street

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan

Get the look (for him): Pale makeup, Volvo, sparkles
Get the look (for her): Dark wig, mope-face.
Must-have accessory: The ability to get through the entire night without smiling.

Don Draper

Get the Look: Brooks Brothers suit, fedora, carton of Lucky Strike, bottle of scotch, (Belle Jolie) lipstick on your collar
Must-have accessory: Secrets – and enough rugged appeal to drive everyone and your mom bananas.
Photo by: AMC

Jersey Shore-r

Get the look: Spray tan, slicked-back hair, potty mouth.
Must-have accessory: No dignity.
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