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Get Kane’d

Sound Nightclub

Every Wednesday
9.00 PM – 3.00 AM

The very best in RnB, Dirty Pop, Dance and The Classics, played and hosted by the gorgeous DJ Melody Kane…superstar of C4’s ‘Come ine With Me’.

DJ Melody Kane

DJ Melody Kane has been inspired by music her entire life. From a young age she dreamed of a career in the music industry, but it wasn’t unitil she began going to clubs and events that she knew that this career was to be a DJ. As soon as Melody touched the turntables, she was hooked, and spent all her time and money either practising or travelling to see her favourite DJ’s perfom. As more & more friends starting encouraging her, she felt the time was right to start taking her DJing out of the bedroom and into the clubs.

After a couple of years playing early warm ups & late cool downs, she landed herself a residency in one of her home town’s (Brighton) longest running club night. Her enthusiasm for spinning is only matched by her mixing skills & track selection, and within weeks of her debut she was being booked for events throughout the city.

In 2006 within months of being the go-to-dj for all of the cities promoters, Melody landed her first radio slot in Brighton, where she co-hosted a weekly Thursday night show on Radio Reverb 97.2FM. Due to the show’s rise in popularity it was moved to prime-time Saturday night, where it stayed for 2 years.

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