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Ancient Chinese Secret

Ancient Chinese Secret was formed around 1993 when Josh and James met while pledging the Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity at Stony Brook University. The initial lineup was completed when they recruited “Guilty as Sin” drummer Mike Greenfield and Bronx Bombshell Ray Garrett on lead vocals. They achieved a great amount of notoriety in the NYC club circuit playing clubs such as CBGB’s, The AKA, The Spiral, Nightingale’s and the New Music Cafe. All these clubs are no longer in existence. In 1994 Greenfield left the band to play with Paul Simon on the “You Can Call Me Al” tour of South America. He was never heard from again.

Ancient Chinese Secret was delighted to recruit their fuzzy little friend, C. Schiller, as his replacement. At that point, Josh and James travelled down to the Crossroads to sell their souls in exchange for enhanced musical ability and success. Unfortunately when they returned, their new music was too fast, funky and difficult for people to comprehend. However, it is rumored that the songs “Relate”, “Mr. Quintain” and “Tunnels” are big hits on the planet Saturn. Breeeepooopiiieeeeee!!!

Great Moments in Ancient Chinese Secret History: 3/12/92: Chango is pleasantly surprised when he notices the Ska-like musical influence in the song “The Headpeople”. 4/20/93: Two funky sets are performed at the Cafe A-Go-Go. The event is sponsored and catered by Chicken A-Go-Go. 2/15/94: ACS takes Binghamton by storm and the members are treated to cookies and cider courtesy of The Dooples. 3/10/95: ACS drives 12 hours in James’ Volvo stationwagon through a blizzard to Erie Pennsylvania. They perform the song “Thought it Waszzzzz” live on the radio. 8/11/95: Music gets a kick in the ass when ACS opens up for Long Island music/comedy legends Flitey at the Right Track Inn.

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