Ambience Zouk Philly

This event has expired.

Ambience Zouk Philly Details

In Creole, the word “zouk” means party, or festival. People worldwide have been dancing to the romantic and soulful vibes of zouk music for years. Now, Ambiance Zouk Sunday has finally brought the zouk party to Philadelphia, quickly becoming the best Afro-Caribbean zouk event in town.

Located right in the heart of center city Philadelphia, this is the place to groove to the latest zouk, Caribbean, African, Kompa, Kizomba, Coupe Decale, Salsa, top 40’s rhythms and more on your Sunday night. Our clientele come from all over the globe: Haitians, Africans, Latinos, Europeans, Islanders, and Americans come together to create one of the most worldly and sophisticated party atmospheres you’ll see in Philadelphia!

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