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Mondays-True Believer Late night soul, rock with DJewell, $5.25 Double Hi-Balls Tuesdays- Rock shows plus DJ Adom N Gomorrah, $3.75 Pilsner Supercans (Check Calendar Page for details)
Wednesdays-D*nce Mot*er*uck*r, $3.50 Pilsner pints, DJs Dwight Christmas and Gary Powers. Admission is $4
Thursdays- Rock Shows, $4.50 pint specials, they change every week!
Fridays - Rock shows! - 1/2 price appetizers!
Saturdays - Every Saturday afternoon the free admission Jazz jam runs from 2-6pm...[more]

Upcoming Events

Jpnsgrls Flyer

Jpnsgrls Go For The Eyes John Lesbian Seagull Jpnsgrls A less-is-more approach makes this album, Circulation a whirlwind of straight-out-of-the-garage noisiness and earworm hooks. It starts with the feedback squeal of combustible opener "Smalls”, a song that explores the excitement and self-destruction...[more]

All Hands On Jane with Daywalker Flyer

All Hands On Jane with Daywalker All Hands On Jane Three space gypsies play post-grunge blues, with some psychedelia allowed. All Hands on Jane is a Calgary-based band, captained by a few local girls looking to make some sweaty, far-out rock. Prolific exporters of tuned in, grunge fury with serpentin...[more]

The Special Edsons Flyer

The Special Edsons The Martian Time Slip Who doesn't like a good Surf Rock Show Come down and check out The Special Edsons as they take you on a journey through the waves! Hang loose man! Blending their love of traditional surf rock in the vein of Dick Dale and The Ventures with a hard-hitting and uptempo pl...[more]

The River And The Road Flyer

The River And The Road + Guests The River and The Road has blossomed from a busking duo to an internationally touring quartet. Winter 2013 saw the boys working to stitch their name into the musical fabric of Australia, most notably in Sydney and Melbourne. In addition to extensive touring in British Columbia in 2013, the band has just finished ...[more]

Tofu Stravinsky Flyer

Tofu Stravinsky Laser Cake Am Static Tofu Stravinsky Walking through a glowing sunset cityscape drinking good red wine from a coke can; the music of Tofu Stravinsky is your soundtrack to the beginning of a perfect night. Their songs are...[more]

Magik Spells with Hunger Hush Flyer

Magik Spells with Hunger Hush Magik Spells The Magik Spells operate out of Vancouver, B.C. and consist of bass, drums, guitar and auxiliary percussion run through a multicolored, multitude of pedals, effects and triggers. It’s a groove monster with a spicy flavour that’s fluid, funkified, hypnotic and hard hitting. Pleasing to all six senses...[more]

Fast Romantics Flyer

Fast Romantics Alright Gents & Rolla Olak For Fast Romantics, it has been four years of adventuring their way through the backcountry of Canadian indie-rock, often attempting to straddle that hazy intersection at the corner of rock n' roll and pop. Now, with their second full-length album 'Afterlife Blu...[more]

Misery Signals Flyer

Misery Signals All Hail The Yeti (Los Angeles) This Is War (Edmonton) Misery Signals It's been 10 Years since Misery Signals released their debut album, Of Malice and the Magnum Heart. This summer the band is re-uniting with their Malice-era lineup for a summer tour! "Misery Signals formed in 2...[more]

The Ashley Hundred with Windigo Flyer

The Ashley Hundred with Windigo The Ashley Hundred Each member, with their own distinct personality, and vast array of influences that range from Old-Timey Folk to Prog-Rock and Electronic, has given The Ashley Hundred a sonic stew of swirling ambience, soaring harmonies, melodic bass lines, tribal-esque drumming and frenzied banjo picking. ...[more]

Million Dollar Fix Flyer

Million Dollar Fix The Rumble & Iron Bison It isn’t often that that a band was born the exact same way it was meant to exist, but that’s precisely what happened the day Million Dollar Fix got together: In 2010, they started jamming at a party, riffs pouring out at the same speed of the delicious PBR pouring do...[more]

The Suppliers Flyer

The Suppliers Bardos We’re a rock and roll band; we play really fast and really hard.” So says guitarist Kirill Telichev about his band The Suppliers, and there’s really not a lot more to it than that straight to the point and bullshit-free, not unlike the Calgary based quartet’s balls-out brand of punk-...[more]

High Kicks with Mobina Galore Flyer

High Kicks with Mobina Galore The Hockey Fight Mobina Galore Mobina Galore formed in late 2010 by Jenna Priestner (guitar/vocals) and Marcia Hanson (drums/vocals) and are based out of Winnipeg MB. They are a punk-alternative-pop duo. They embarked on their first Canadian tour soon after their incep...[more]

Broken Therapy Flyer

Broken Therapy A Day As Wolves Broken Therapy is a toxic blend of love, hate, light and space. An Indy Post Punk Pre Two Piece Sometimes 3 Piece Alt Rock Band from Calgary. Cam McDougall plays the guitar and handles the vocals, with Mark Peters on drums. Broken Therapy Creates a sound that incorporates ...[more]

Kataplexis Flyer

Kataplexis with Ogroem Formed in the fall of 2007, Calgary's Kataplexis have set out to destroy everything in their path. With a style that is punishing and in your face, the band has worked hard at achieving a sound which incorporates the brutal approach of grind with the dizzying tec...[more]

Hunger Hush Flyer

Hunger Hush Paper Boy Hunger Hush plays wiry indie-rock with a flair for the experimental. They've played across Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan, and performed at Canadian Music Week 2013. Careful craftspeople and troublesome young men. Paper Boy Paperboy is a 5-piece ...[more]

Jenavive Flyer

Jenavive The Implicate Order Jenavive is a self-titled Canadian indie pop band from Calgary that formed in 2010. The group consists of lead vocalist, songwriter and keyboardist Jenavive Smith, bassist and co-producer Brett Elliot, guitarist Reggie Smith, and drummer Anthony Speelman. Their wide background...[more]

Broken Therapy Flyer

Broken Therapy My Mother The Carjacker & The Suppliers Broken Therapy is a toxic blend of love, hate, light and space. An Indy Post Punk Pre Two Piece Sometimes 3 Piece Alt Rock Band from Calgary. Cam McDougall plays the guitar and handles the vocals, with Mark Peters on drums. Broken Therapy Creates a ...[more]

Magic The Gathering Flyer

Magic The Gathering Every Wednesday and Sunday at Broken City, from 6 to 10 Every Wednesday at Broken City from 6-10PM, Sentry Box and Broken City bring you Standard Magic: The Gathering! Entry is free with booster prizing and is a sanctioned event. Four times a year, Sentry Box and Broken City host pre-release events for new sets in place ...[more]

Live Music Flyer

Live Music Live Music Every Thursday Night See our Event Schedule for upcoming shows $5.25 Jameson Whiskey Unless otherwise stated, doors for all shows are at 9:00pm....[more]

Live Music with DJewel + Set It Off with DJ Pump Flyer

Live Music with DJewel + Set It Off with DJ Pump 7-10:00 Live Music + DJewel 10:00-late Set It Off w/ DJ Pump Set It Off A brand new weekly dance party! 100% Strictly Dope Music Night Future + Classics + Club Rap + Funk + Soul w/ DJ Pump + C-Sik + Ivan Rankic...[more]

Saturday Nights : Natural Selection Hip Hop Flyer

Saturday Nights : Natural Selection Hip Hop Weekly party dedicated to the golden era of Hip Hop. Strictly 80's & 90's Hip Hop music in the place every Saturday night at Broken City DJ’s Brofanity, Typist and Kline . House Party Vibes. No Auto Tune. No Kanye. Clan in Da Front! $6.00 cover Afternoon Unity Sound Reggae Jam with Chef Ouda (3-7...[more]

Karaoke with Beau & Peej Flyer

Karaoke with Beau & Peej Rock gods and wannabes unite for this legendary, weekly event hosted by the debaucherous, Peej and Beau. Song-singing, terrible jokes, themed evenings and general mayhem are the ingredients of the evening so take a shot and sing a reckless duo with your favorite Calgary musicians and forget that tomorrow is Monday. No...[more]

Quiz Shoe - Broken Trivia Night Flyer

Quiz Shoe - Broken Trivia Night Broken City Quiz Shoe with hosts, John Frosst, Evan Bootle and DJ Danny Vacon Sharpen your pencils, dust off your books of random facts and get your drunky thinking caps on! Our wonderful, charming, alarmingly intelligent hosts, John Frosst and Evan Bootle, will test your mind mettle each week, bringing forth...[more]

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Address: 613 - 11th Ave. S.W.
Calgary AB Canada (Downtown)

Phone: 403-262-9976
Website: Broken City
Age: 18+
Venue Type: Live Music Venue - Pub

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