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The Echo brings some of the best up and coming and currently known live talent into this diverse music and dance club, with an event calendar packed with bands and DJs of all genres, focusing on indie and punk. If the music gets too loud inside (earplugs are suggested!), head out to the back patio to cool off outside and rest your ears.

Dance all night, mingle and drink at the bar, and then enjoy Two Boots Pizza later in the night that's available inside the nightclub! This party really ...[more]

Upcoming Events

Elliphant Flyer

The Echo Presents Elliphant Sounding like the twisted illegitimate offspring of MIA and Diplo – as deliciously fierce as the former but as intelligently playful as the latter – Elliphant pulls the balls of this dancehall slayer through its own throat and ties them in a cherry knot the other side. Ellinor Olovsdotter slowly morphed into Ellip...[more]

Friends - 1994 Flyer

Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater Presents Friends - 1994 Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater If you were the kind of kid who grew up watching old sitcoms in syndication after school, this is the sock puppet show for you. Take sitcom pilot episodes add socks, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, live musical performances and you have the making of a truly memorable se...[more]

Dios Flyer

The Echo Presents Dios So Many Wizards Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel Heaven Lindsey-Burtch Dios Where we're from has a lot to do with our approach to our music, and with who we are. We're all from the South Bay in Los Angeles. That's our bond. We understand that being from L.A. has its stigmas..... Well, fuck you. I, personally, am an ...[more]

WL Members of Blouse Flyer

The Echo & Part Time Punks Presents WL Members of Blouse Colleen Green and Darklands (members of Spirit Vine) Dreamy and alluring WL make music for the next 'Twin Peaks' series. Melding sounds from the Stereolab with the growl of Sonic Youth..featuring Misty Mary formerly of PTP faves, Blouse! Colleen Green Inspired by the honesty of c...[more]

The Men Flyer

The Echo Presents The Men Gun Outfit Kevin Morby Wand The Men With their fourth full-length album to be released in as many years, The Men proudly present the sweeping New Moon, their most intensely personal and immersive installment yet. Never content to draw on the same methods twice, nor to recline under the heel of expectation, Th...[more]

Thou Flyer

The Echo, FYF, Vacation Vinyl Present Thou Cloud Rat, Dangers The Echo Wednesday, April 23, 2014 7.00PM - 2.00AM Thou Thou is a doom/sludge/drone metal band from Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana Cloud Rat Three-piece grindcore ensemble from Michigan. Anti-oppression, anti-discrimination, pro-vegan....[more]

Night Beats Flyer

The Echo Presents Night Beats The Abigails Froth Dragon Melt Night Beats All your former terrified “rock music” demons come fleeing out of your nostrils tie dying your denim jacket with wine vomit the first time you see this band. In the moment it seems everything else was nothing but a demo recorded by uncle jesse’s band in the 90's ...[more]

Hurray For The Riff Raff Flyer

The Echo Presents Hurray For The Riff Raff Hurray For The Riff Raff is Alynda Lee Segarra, but in many ways it's much more than that: it's a young woman leaving her indelible stamp on the American folk tradition. If you're listening to her new album, 'Small Town ...[more]

The Present Moment Record Release Party Flyer

The Echo & Part Time Punks Present The Present Moment Record Release Party Flaamingos Ssleaze Lab XIV The Present Moment The Present Moment achieves a stunning hybridation and an infectious blend of dense cold-wave’s electro grooves, cyclical droning interferences, vigorous epic industrialism, dolorous nocturne-goth weirdness superbly...[more]

Breton Flyer

The Echo and BritWeek Present Breton When Breton first emerged from their south London, all-purpose base - dubbed BretonLabs - with a series of EPs and last year’s full-length debut ‘Other People’s Problems’, their intensely creative, multi-disciplinary approach rendered them difficult to pigeonhole. A band who made films on the side? Filmmaker...[more]

Tokyo Police Club Flyer

The Echo & Filter Present Tokyo Police Club For a band that burst on the scene with an ecstatically received 16 minutes of music (2006's A Lesson In Crime EP) followed in rapid fire succession by additional EPs and singles (Smith, "Your English Is Good") and a debut album (2008's Elephant Shell) all...[more]

Nails Flyer

The Echo & FYF Present Nails Iron Lung Nausea Bone Sickness Skinfather Nails Nails music is beyond brutality; filthy, vicious and raw. Imagine a cross between the good Amrep bands of the nineties (Helmet, Hammerhead, Today is The Day, Unsane) and Cro-Mags Age of Quarrel riffage played at breakneck speeds. Their epic battle cry Unsilent...[more]

Darkstar with Patten Flyer

The Echo Presents Darkstar with Patten Darkstar Darkstar first coalesced in the underground, electronic thrum of London’s nascent grime and dubstep sphere in the middle 2000’s, growing from attending the now-fabled early FWD club nights to releasing a pair of game-changing 12” singles on Kode 9’s fledgling Hyperdub label. These were marked dep...[more]

White Fang Flyer

The Echo Presents White Fang Criminal Hygiene Criminal Hygiene Criminal Hygiene (CRMNL HYGNE) was formed in 2011 over a couple of really good burgers at Olympian Family Restaurant in South Central Los Angeles....[more]

Depeche Mode Nite Flyer

The Echo & Part Time Punks Present Depeche Mode Nite The Echo Sunday, May 4, 2014 10.00PM - 2.00AM with Guest DJs Alex & Ray from the Depeche Mode Convention...[more]

Dead Sara Flyer

The Echo Presents Dead Sara The Vim Dicta Music History is rich with rock bands fronted by Dynamic duos. Looking to carry on this yin and yang tradition are two talented young women, singer Emily Armstrong and Siouxsie Medley, who front Los Angeles’ Dead Sara – an electrifying four-piece rock band whose supercharged music is propelled by Medle...[more]

Acid Mothers Temple Flyer

The Echo Presents Acid Mothers Temple Perhaps A freak-out group for the 21st century was founded in 1995 by members of the Acid Mothers Temple soul-collective and led by Kawabata Makoto. Perhaps Perhaps is a band from Boston, Massachusetts. Their critically acclaimed debut album, Volume One was released in late 2012 and the band has toured t...[more]

La Sera Flyer

The Echo Presents La Sera La Sera is of Katy Goodman (Vivian Girls, All Saints Day). She has released two full length lps, the first is self titled, the second is 2012's Sees the Light. Her label is Hardly Art. As La Sera, Katy Goodman turned an aching heart into two marvelous, alluring yet bittersweet break-up albums (2011’s self-titled deb...[more]

Survival Knife Flyer

The Echo & Jabberjaw Present Survival Knife Formed in early 2011. First show in March 2012. Have played several shows in the Pacific Northwest with the likes Metz, Bitch Magnet, Mosquito Hawk, Wimps, Kinski, Hungry Ghost. Survival Knife has two members of the mighty 90’s rock legends Unwound (Justin Trosper, Brandt Sandeno)....[more]

Yoni Wolf Flyer

The Echo Presents Yoni Wolf Serengeti and Anticon DJs The Wandering Wolf, the eclectic lyricist, singer, and rapper is bringing an MC/DJ show to six cities in Arizona and California. Best known for his unique range of styles and themes as the lead singer in WHY? Yoni will be returning to his roots as a rapper. He will be performing songs spann...[more]

Broods Flyer

The Echo Presents Broods Strange Talk With 'Bridges', their debut single as brother-sister duo Broods, Nelson, New Zealand's Georgia and Caleb Nott have positioned themselves as one of the fastest rising new acts to emerge during the second half of 2013. In the month since they uploaded 'Bridges' on soundcloud, Broods have been championed b...[more]

Say Hi Flyer

The Echo Presents Say Hi Big Scary Say Hi is Eric Elbogen. His eighth full length will be out on Barsuk Records in late 2014. In anticipation of the release, he'll be performing a number of North American shows this spring with the very fantastic Big Scary. New songs will be debuted and old songs will be revisited. The shows will be intimate a...[more]

Juan Wauters Flyer

The Echo Presents Juan Wauters DJ Emily (Origami Vinyl) In 2000, Alberto Wauters left Uruguay to live in a basement in Queens. Two years later he called his son, Juan, to join him. Juan Wauters crossed the threshold into manhood when he arrived in New York. Working at a factory, the father and son pooled their money to bring their family to th...[more]

Their Theyre There Flyer

The Echo Presents Their Theyre There Creative Adult and The Down House Their / They’re / There is the brainchild of Evan Weiss (Into It. Over it.), Mike Kinsella (Owen, Owls, Cap'n Jazz, American Football), and Matthew Frank (Loose Lips Sink Ships). This 6-song EP was recorded by Mark Michalik in Chicago (Into It. Over It., The Swellers). W...[more]

Wake Owl Flyer

The Echo Presents Wake Owl Singer/songwriter Colyn Cameron of Wake Owl has been immersed in the world of music for the past ten years. Now based in Vancouver, BC and Portland, OR, Colyn was originally born and raised in southern California. After graduation Colyn trained in organic agriculture at Emerson College in England, worked on differe...[more]

Nathaniel Rateliff Flyer

The Echo Presents Nathaniel Rateliff The Wild Reeds The first things you notice are the voice and the space. That voice belongs to Nathaniel Rateliff, a man who’s earned the twang and hard-knock weariness that shines through on his Rounder debut. The space comes courtesy of producer Brian Deck (Califone, Iron & Wine, Modest Mouse), who helped ...[more]

Howlin Rain Flyer

The Echo Presents Howlin Rain Buffalo Killers Howlin Rain the first-ever official live album by Howlin Rain, will be released April 28 by Agitated Records in UK/EU and April 29 by Silver Current Records in North America and the rest of The World. Recorded live in various locations on the 2012 worldwide tour for The Russian Wilds, the live...[more]

Blood Red Shoes Flyer

The Echo Presents Blood Red Shoes Radkey Blood Red Shoes know you don’t need a whole string section to denote ‘emotional’, or a whole horn section to do ‘rousing’. They know rock music doesn’t need to be smothered in effects or laced with devious studio tricks to make an impact. There is another way, a way to make music that really resonates. ...[more]

Potty Mouth Flyer

The Echo Presents Potty Mouth Hailing from the home of Thurston Moore and Dinosaur Jr., and drawing from the fertile music community that is Western Massachusetts, Potty Mouth are all-parts smart-pop craftswomen, specializing in taut, infectious, C-86 influenced indie pop meets '77 punk perfection. The band released their debut 12" vinyl EP, en...[more]

Pink Mountaintops Flyer

The Echo Presents Pink Mountaintops It's doubtful that Stephen McBean set out to make The Great Rock 'N' Roll Primer when he started conjuring the songs that would come to be Pink Mountaintops' Get Back. The record's beginnings were reasonably straightforward: McBean had moved to Los Angeles, taken a long hiatus from Black Mountain and an ev...[more]

Bane Flyer

The Echo and IHeartComix Present Bane Turnstile Take Offense Soul Search Bane Founded on beliefs that are in short supply within the current underground music scene, Massachusetts' Bane has established themselves as one of the most influential and relevant bands in hardcore today. Since their inception, they've become one of the scene...[more]

Little Hurricane Flyer

The Echo Presents Little Hurricane RT N’ THE 44'S For the recording of their sophomore album Gold Fever, San Diego-based dirty-blues twosome Little Hurricane skipped the studio and rented out a 19th-century apple-packing house in an old gold mining town. For two weeks, singer/guitarist Tone Catalano and drummer/vocalist C.C. Spina hunkered dow...[more]

King Buzzo Flyer

The Echo Presents King Buzzo Roger "Buzz" Osborne, also known as King Buzzo (born March 25, 1964) is the guitarist/vocalist/songwriter and technically the only remaining founding member of the Melvins. (Drummer Dale Crover is often regarded as a founding member, but he joined after the band was formed, though before they had yet recorded an alb...[more]

Battleme Flyer

The Echo Presents Battleme Jesus Sons How does the story start and where will it end? Re-birth and re-discovery have been common themes to describe the inside psyche of Matt Drenik’s Battleme. 3 years ago Drenik was the lead singer of Austin, TX based psyche rock band, Lions. They had just released their first record in the UK and were touring...[more]

Chad VanGaalen Flyer

The Echo Presents Chad VanGaalen Cousins Many of us are already making arrangements to relocate to Chad VanGaalen's universe. The world as we know it seems to be disintegrating by the minute, so any hint of a means of escape has serious currency. Over the last ten to fifteen years, CVG has been producing living maps in songs, drawings, modifie...[more]

The Defibulators Flyer

The Echo Presents The Defibulators Jimbo Mathius The Defibulators, described alternately as “Hee-Haw on mescaline” and “CBGB-meets-Grand Ole Opry,” will release Debt’ll Get’em,’ the follow up to their acclaimed 2009 debut ‘Corn Money,’ on August 27th. Recorded in Woodstock with D. James Goodwin and Eli Walker and Brooklyn with co-producer Bria...[more]

Southern Culture on the Skids Flyer

The Echo Presents Southern Culture on the Skids Long the bards of downward mobility, Southern Culture on the Skids have always embodied a sleazy, raucous, good-natured, good-time take on the culture of the South. Recently described by Dwight Yoakam (in Filter) as "really on the outside, like Dick Dale meets Hank Thompson," SCOTS have mixed high...[more]

Streets of Laredo Flyer

The Echo Presents Streets of Laredo It’s always hard to put your finger on the exact moment a band began, but it’s safe to say that Streets of Laredo probably started in a beach-house on the wild Coromandel coast of New Zealand back in the summer of 2012. A handful of Gibsons (Dave, Dan & Sarah) started throwing some songs at some long-time m...[more]

Phox Flyer

The Echo Presents Phox Phox is from Baraboo, WI, which is a place where kids often drink poisoned groundwater and become endowed mutants. The seven best friends who make up the ensemble happen to be blessed with madness, illusions of grandeur, and the inability to do the same thing twice. They also play music....[more]

Jessica Hernandez And The Deltas Flyer

The Echo Presents Jessica Hernandez And The Deltas Jessica Hernandez is a singer-songwriter — but not THAT kind of singer songwriter. She has Latin roots, but we're not talking Selena or Shakira here. She's got soul (Hernandez does come from Motown, after all), but is not cookie-cutter contemporary R&B diva. She can be as heartfelt and melodic ...[more]

Bob Log III Flyer

The Echo Presents Bob Log III A man in a human cannonball suit soon appeared from a side door, his head completely obscured by a tinted black helmet, its front welded into a telephone which seemed to wirelessly amplify his voice to the audience. Bob Log III launched into a mind-blowing set, finger-picking his beaten-up black guitar for a soun...[more]

The Good Life Flyer

The Echo Presents The Good Life Big Harp and You Are Plural The Good Life The Good Life started out as a means for Tim Kasher to use a songwriting approach that differed from his other projects (namely, Cursive), but it didn’t take long for the solo project to become a band, and for that band to finally come into its own. The Good Life’s ...[more]

Basement Flyer

The Echo Presents Basement Basement have been a band little over a year and already they have toured across the UK and Europe extensively. Gathering support in the U.S the band were signed by Run For Cover records and are due to release their album 'I Wish I Could Stay Here' this summer. For a such a young band who believe in the 'do it yoursel...[more]

Echo Park Rising 2014 Flyer

Echo Park Rising 2014 The Echo Friday, August 15, 2014 12.00PM - 2.00AM 4th Annual Echo Park Rising A Music, Arts, and Local Business Celebration...[more]

Echo Park Rising 2014 Flyer

Echo Park Rising 2014 The Echo Saturday, August 16, 2014 12.00PM - 2.00AM 4th Annual Echo Park Rising A Music, Arts, and Local Business Celebration...[more]

Echo Park Rising 2014 Flyer

Echo Park Rising 2014 The Echo Sunday, August 17, 2014 12.00PM - 2.00AM 4th Annual Echo Park Rising A Music, Arts, and Local Business Celebration...[more]

Grand Ole Echo with The Jolenes Flyer

The Echo Presents Grand Ole Echo with The Jolenes Smooth Hound Smith The Get Down Boys The Jolenes Meet the Jolenes - London’s favourite all-girl bluegrass band. With harmonies & hairdos evoking a bygone era of vintage glamour and forbidden foundation garments, the Jolenes rustle up a down-home blend of spicy bluegrass and sweet old-time...[more]

Tuesday Night Residency with The Belle Brigade Flyer

Tuesday Night Residency with The Belle Brigade Founded by siblings Barbara and Ethan Gruska, The Belle Brigade’s music is artfully arranged, with enticing melodies and pop harmonies, fueled by the interplay of driving rhythms between Barbara’s drums and Ethan’s guitars. Both are gifted songwriters – finding inspiration in the works of Peter Gabr...[more]

Wednesday Night Residency with Mother Falcon Flyer

Wednesday Night Residency with Mother Falcon Mother Falcon is an orchestral indie band born in Austin, Texas that has quickly become an award winning recording act and a top concert draw, performing in rock clubs while maintaining a presence in the performing arts scene scoring plays and films. The group began to coalesce around multi-instrum...[more]

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