Stade Olympique (Olympic Stadium) Montreal QC (Stadium / Convention Centre)

Stade Olympique (Olympic Stadium) 

Stade Olympique (Olympic Stadium) Montreal Interior Photo 1

Stade Olympique (Olympic Stadium) - Description

Designed for the 1976 Olympic Games, Olympic Stadium was not completed on time due to a strike by construction workers. The (556-foot-high) leaning tower used to retract the roof stood half finished until 1987 when the roof was finally completed. It took another 2 years before the roof, made from 60,696 square feet of Kevlar weighing 50 tons, became retractable.

The Stadium was remodeled in 1991, with 12,000 seats being removed for Expos games. In September of that year, one of the stadiu...[more]

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Address: 4545 Ave. Pierre-de-Coubertin
Montreal QC Canada (East End)

Age: 18+
Venue Type: Stadium / Convention Centre

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