Hawk N Dove Washington DC DC (Pub)

Hawk N Dove 

Hawk N Dove - Description

Hawk N Dove

The Hawk 'n' Dove Restaurant is the archetypal Capitol Hill bar – not the mythical kind where movers and shakers make big deals over expense-account meals.

Instead, it's a place where staffers, both Democrat and Republican, gather to gripe about their bosses. (Never by name, of course. The etiquette is to refer to "my member," in case the other guys are eavesdropping.)

The bar's six rooms provide plenty of options – room for a post-s...[more]

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Address: 329 Pennsylvania Ave. SE
Washington DC DC US (Capitol Hill)

Phone: 202.543.3300
Age: 21+
Venue Type: Pub - Bars - After Hours - Lounges