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Every day, tens of thousands of young people rely on clubZone.com or one of our mobile apps to find the best party in their city.
Post & promote your event on clubZone to increase your event's ticket sales!

clubZone is operated by myZone Media Inc., an event marketing agency specialized in event ticketing, printing, event marketing, and web design.

Ticket Purchasers

For ticketZone.com ticket purchasers with customer service questions, please visit our ticketZone Help Center.
Search our FAQ's, ask a question, or speak directly with a ticketZone customer service representative.

Client Support (Event Producers)

Need help with your ticketing or marketing account?
Please login to your clubZone.com/admin page to see who your account manager is and how to contact them.

Printing Support

Need help with an order of printed wristbands of event tickets?
You can always login to your account at www.myZone.com/printing to see the status or check billing information, or feel free to contact us anytime:

Phone: 1.855.769.9663
Email: ticketprinting@myzone.com | wristbands@myzone.com
Pick-ups: If in Vancouver BC, you can optionally pick-up your printed orders at: 1168 Hamilton St, Unit 302, Vancouver, BC V6B2S2. Please note our office hours are 10am - 6pm Mon-Fri excluding holidays.

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