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Toll Free - 1.866.760.8324
Fax - 1.855.824.8212
Email: info@clubzone.com

Client Support and Inquiries

Toll Free - 1.855.969.9663
Fax - 1.855.824.8212
Email: inquiries@clubzone.com

Custom Ticket Printing and Wristbands
Toll Free - 1.855.769.9663
Fax - 1.855.824.8212
Email: ticketprinting@clubzone.com

New York, USA Office
Email: newyork@clubzone.com

Beijing, China Office
Email: info@clubzone.cn

About clubZone

clubZone.com's mission is to organize the world's nightlife information and make it relevant, meaningful, and sexy.

For nightlife information seekers (aka party people):

clubZone.com provides city-specific, meaningful nightlife information, organized and ranked by popularity, helping party people from around the world quickly see which events are hot. Our proprietary New Years Eve ranking system, makes it easy for anyone to quickly see the most popular New Years Eve events from around the world. We solve the challenging question “how do I know this party is going to be good??by providing deep archives on past events (with photos), user reviews, and sophisticated event ranking systems.

For event promoters and nightclub owners:

clubZone.com is a user generated content model where members can post & promote their events and venues, tickets, and upload photos and videos. Client services include but are not limited to online venue & event promotions, event photography, ticket printing, online ticketing, Halloween and New Years Eve marketing services. clubZone's extensive experience with the world's top search engines and social networking sites allows clients to take advantage of specialized and highly targeted marketing and ticketing solutions that garner measurable results.

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